The sandwich has a history that establishes its origins in the XVIII century, from the English aristocrat John Montagu, IV count of Sandwich (1718-1792), although he was not its inventor. It is said of this count that he liked to eat in this way because he could play cards while eating, without getting his fingers dirty.

However, the sandwich elaborated with ham and cheese began to be known in the late 19th century in the United States, when these ones were the only foods served at in the sporting events of the baseball parks in New York.

This type of sandwich became very popular in the 1930s in Cuba where they first began to call it “Sandwich mixto” (Mixed sandwich) in castilian language and were already very common in cafes and restaurants, so much was that its name also appeared as a Cuban sandwich.

Throughout the 50’s this sandwich began to become popular in Spanish coffee shops, so successful among the public that American food establishments began to serve it also with great acceptance among its customers.

At Fresco we want to celebrate with you the International Day of this delicious bite, a perfect combination of ham and cheese inside two slices of toasted sandwich bread made with the best ingredients. Come and enjoy one of our tasty sandwiches!