It’s Spring Fever!

It is true. It is scientifically proven there is a Spring Fever. The change of season leaves a mark on us, because it is a time of the year in which people tend to change emotionally after the cold winter.

Spring is known as the “happy season” or “green season”. This is because, after the bad winter weather (with rain and snow), Nature begins to bloom and trees and plants begin to sprout.

The days progressively increase their duration, the temperature rises and the climate becomes warmer. This increase in sunlight has a number of psychological and emotional effects in most people, making us feel better mood, more cheerful and more vital than the rest of the year.

The sun shines and we are all in a better mood which makes us want to enjoy much more outdoor spaces. It is the moment of social interaction. At this time of year, the terraces become the ideal place to enjoy a meal or dinner in good company.

From Fresco, we invite you to come and have a good time in our terraces where you can delight your palate with our extensive menu and always welcomed with the best of our smiles.