• coulant de chocolate

COULANT, elegance and distinction made dessert

Chocolate Volcano, Molten Chocolate Cake, Paradise of chocolate,Sofiatto of chocolate or chocolate soufflé, are some of the names that receives this true deli- depending on the country where they serve it,-although in most places it maintains its origin denomination: COULANT. (The participle of the verb Couler, which means fluid, sliding, melted).

In general terms we would refer to the Coulant as a hot cake with molten chocolate heart. His technique of elaboration, together with its taste and texture, make this one of the most popular, elegant and distinguished desserts that exist.


To know the origin of this famous dessert, we have to go back to 1981, when the French chef Michel Bras began to develop it in his restaurant Laguiole, southeast of France.

The invention of Michel came from a family skiing  day; In the midst of a blizzard they had to return before time where they were staying, in there they tried to get warm, sheltered with a hot chocolate cup. The feeling of that moment was what led to the chef to recreate it in a dessert form.

An innovative technique

The most difficult thing for Bras and his team was to get the effect of, at the time of cutting the piece of cake, chocolate cream flows from inside. At the end was achieved by freezing the dough of cake, allowing, after baking, a melted chocolate centre.

Nowadays Michel Bras is a 3 Michelin stars winner

The perfect climax

Despite being a relatively young dessert, the Coulant is a piece of art worldwide known , there is no doubt that it is the best plan to close any lunch or dinner.

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