Russia 2018 promotions, whatever your team you´ll win at Fresco

The World Cup 2018 is being played and the best National Teams aspire to hoist the most important trophy at the international level. The world cup is not just football, are Emotions and feelings, are ups and downs, but you will always win with Fresco, great promotions and discounts that will make you live the world cup to another level.


Let’s review how are the main teams to this final phase: Germany wants to revalidate the triumph of 2014 with a team that has introduced new and young talented players, a great complement for Ozil, Muller, Mario Gomez, etc; They lost his first match and they will have to reinvent theirself  to move to the next round.  For its part, the Brazil of Neymar is another of the great favorites, with internationally recognized players in all positions, and with the weight of their 5 stars on the shield.

On the other hand, France aspires to all, with a team full of great figures, such as the already consecrated Kilyan Mbappe, despite disputes his first World Cup; the desired Antoine Griezmann, the madridista Varane or one of the best continental defensive midfielders, Ngolo Kante.  Portugal , with Cristiano Ronaldo leading, wants to prove that it was not by chance the achievement of the EURO 2016. The Argentina of Messi, which at this point has very complicated qualifying for the second round, after getting a single point in its first two games, will pray for a miracle depending on others. Without a doubt, its elimination would be a debacle for one of the major contenders for the title.


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England, count on wonderful  players like Kane, Stones, Vardy or Sterling,  is always the great unknown, so we do not know if this will be the world cup in which they will show the best version, not on the basis among the favorites. And finally, among the outstanding team of Russia 2018, Spain, a very defined style, which has not lost the essence from that achieved the championship in 2010, perhaps – with Brazil and France – one of the aspirants to reach the golden trophy on July 30.

Nor can we forget, with a great start of the tournament, National Teams  as the talented Belgium and Switzerland , which got a well-deserved draw in the first match against Brazil.

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