sabores mediatteraneos

Mediterranean flavors

Healthy food that provides us the  Mediterranean ingredients is perfectly compatible with the pleasure of tasty dishes. When we speak about Mediterranean flavors that we refer to these foods based on an idealization of some dietary patterns of the Mediterranean countries, especially from countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea: Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Greece and Malta.

The Mediterranean flavors also include the typical recipes of these places, prepared with seasonal products, as well as the traditional ways of cooking and other cultural factors such as the habit of shared meals with family or friends, traditions and celebrations.

Among the recommended consumables are vegetables and legumes, fruits, fish, white meats, pasta, rice and dried fruits, in addition to the consumption of wine in moderation.

Among the many beneficial properties for the health of this dietary pattern we may highlight the type of fat that characterizes it, the proportions in the main nutrients that keep its recipes and wealth in micronutrients that contains, as a result of the use of seasonal vegetables, aromatic herbs and spices.

In 2013 the Mediterranean cuisine was named the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

In the Mediterranean countries Mediterranean Diet Pyramid has been updated to adapt it to the current lifestyle. It is recommended the different proportions of food groups, the composition of the main meals and in addition, there will also be a way to select, cook and eat such food.

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