Bacon & cheese fries

It’s Friday and you meet friends for dinner, What better place could there be to do this than on a small terrace, enjoying an amazing summer evening in the finest company? Looking at our Menu you will see that the best option is to ask for starter to share while you await your main dish… Ready a Bacon & Cheese Fries!

Have you ever raised how an ingredient as simple as the potato may have become a so popular  dish around the world? A tasty potato combines great with almost everything. Normally consider it to be fast foods snacking but there are many traditional dishes with it as a main course.

But the reality is that get “a well-cooked fries” is not so simple. There are a million ways to fry the potatoes and, At Fresco, take great care of this process to get it: golden, crispy on the outside but tender in the inside.

Even better, Combined it with a delicious melted cheese sauce and crispy, make this a “dish” with its own name.

Today it would be very difficult to think not to include potatoes in our diet, but if you take a look at the history, before the discovery of America it was completely unknown to Europeans, while in many indigenous village had spent years having them as a staple food. It is very odd to think that at the beginning this food was intended just as the diet of people with fewer resources, being economic and, at the same time, nutritious and with many possibilities on culinary level, being used both in the simple recipes and menus of haute cuisine.

At Fresco, not only we offer you to enjoy of this delicious combination of ingredients, but to do it in the company of yours, wasting a great evening at the same time you share some good Bacon & Cheese Fries.  Do you fancy?