International Chocolate Day. Don’t miss out on a good dessert!

13 September is celebrated as International Chocolate Day. Nutritive and intense, this “food of the gods” -so known by the Aztecs- is a brain booster. It helps produce essential endorphins for pleasure perception. How could such a special foodstuff not have its own day?


The origin of International Chocolate Day dates back to 1995, when the French decided to commemorate British writer Roald Dahl’s birth -author of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”-  back on 13 September 1916 in Wales.




How to celebrate International Chocolate Day?


To celebrate it we propose three chocolate delicacies that you can have at Fresco:


BROWNIE. A delicious chocolate sponge cake, a staple of American culinary tradition. It’s named after its dark brown colour. This “little piece of heaven” is usually served with ice cream. It’s said that the first reference to a brownie dates back to 1896, when an important American confectioner forgot to add yeast to a chocolate cake with nuts resulting in a delicious dessert…


CHOCOLATE MOUSSE. It’s kind of light foam with a very fluffy texture as a result of whipping cream or whisking egg whites until they form sort peaks, that’s the main ingredient. Along with chocolate, it creates the perfect combination of fluffiness and flavour.


COULANT. The original recipe of the Chocolate Coulant comes from one of the best chefs in France, Michel Bras. As all recipes created by accident, it has provided the confectionery world with one of the most elaborate desserts worldwide: a small chocolate sponge cake with liquid inside that “flows” (that’s what Coulant means) outwards when cut.


Have you made your choice yet? We will be waiting for you at Fresco to enjoy International Chocolate Day!

Travel around the world through 7 pizzas

 Would you like to be able to teleport to any place in the world through its flavours? At Fresco we have an extensive pizzas menu that brings together the perfect ingredients to your palate, a gastronomic route from one side to other on the planet.

Close your eyes and let yourself be enveloped by the smells of a delicious combination of minced meat flavored with onion and a tasty mixture of vinegar and pepper, sugar, ketchup and tomato sauce… Sound familiar? Indeed, the famous BARBECUE PIZZA.

Pork ribs with BBQ sauce is one of the typical dishes of the gastronomy of the United States. The delicious invention is attributed to a number of states such as Tennessee, Texas, Kansas, North Carolina and South Carolina.

What if we are going deep inside of us to enjoy one of the more exotic states? Hawaii is famous for its islands of landscapes with sea cliffs, waterfalls, rainforests and spectacular beaches. Also the great quantity and variety of exotic fruits of this country such as are pineapple and banana, with extensive plantations throughout the territory, make these ingredients the protagonists of our pizza SURFING IN HAWAII.

Now let’s cross the big pond to land in Parma, a university city situated in the Italian region of Emilia-Romagna known to many for its cheese and ham, main ingredients of our pizza PARMA MANIA. The prosciutto di Parma is a ham of excellent quality, with a sweet flavor and unique aromas very appreciated all over the world. One of the keys to its quality is in the rearing of the race pigs selected that are born and grow in specialized farms of the country, taking care of much its supply and subsequent healing with sea salt. Along with the intense flavor of parmesan cheese, make this italian pizza a real gem.

A little further up on the map if we sing the lyrics I Can’t Get No…all over the world will respond: Satisfaction! … Would you look familiar? One of the renowned musical themes leads us to United Kingdom , where were born THE ROLLING STONES , London Group that gives its name to one of our favorite pizzas. As well as this international group, with Mick Jagger to the head, this pizza follows energy, strength and, why not say it, a touch of “rebel”, with that mixture of minced meat, onion, red pepper and green chilies.

Now we go down to the south, to a country with Mediterranean climate, whose kitchen is bathed by a rich culture and gastronomical variety. We are talking about Turkey . The turkish cuisine is well known today by the predominance of spices, its roast meat, the use of vegetables and dairy products as most common ingredients. That is why the pizza KE and BAB summarize perfectly this combination of ingredients with the meat of kebab, feta cheese and fresh tomato as typical elements of its gastronomy.

Following our route we find a country rich in culture, a mixture of colors and flavors attempts…Welcome to India. Our pizza BOLLYWOOD, term that comes from a word play between Bombay and Hollywood, is inspired by this film industry so characteristic of this country, being a fundamental piece of popular culture of India. Music scenes with songs and dances in the country, mixed with curious choreographies of the western pop are the essence of this seventh art. Being something so diverse is what makes it so special to this culture and that is reflected in this pizza with its rich mixture of green and red peppers, onions, curry, crowning a delicious chicken tikka masala very spicy, tasting powerful.


And now a last stop, here in our land. Think of a terrace in front of the sea, good food and beach in the same destination…WELCOME TO ORIHUELA COSTA PIZZA.  An amazing mix of tomato, oregano, ham with mushrooms, but with that touch so Spanish …the sobrasada!

Where would you like to travel today?