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International Chocolate Day. Don’t miss out on a good dessert!

13 September is celebrated as International Chocolate Day. Nutritive and intense, this “food of the gods” -so known by the Aztecs- is a brain booster. It helps produce essential endorphins for pleasure perception. How could such a special foodstuff not have its own day?


The origin of International Chocolate Day dates back to 1995, when the French decided to commemorate British writer Roald Dahl’s birth -author of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”-  back on 13 September 1916 in Wales.




How to celebrate International Chocolate Day?


To celebrate it we propose three chocolate delicacies that you can have at Fresco:


BROWNIE. A delicious chocolate sponge cake, a staple of American culinary tradition. It’s named after its dark brown colour. This “little piece of heaven” is usually served with ice cream. It’s said that the first reference to a brownie dates back to 1896, when an important American confectioner forgot to add yeast to a chocolate cake with nuts resulting in a delicious dessert…


CHOCOLATE MOUSSE. It’s kind of light foam with a very fluffy texture as a result of whipping cream or whisking egg whites until they form sort peaks, that’s the main ingredient. Along with chocolate, it creates the perfect combination of fluffiness and flavour.


COULANT. The original recipe of the Chocolate Coulant comes from one of the best chefs in France, Michel Bras. As all recipes created by accident, it has provided the confectionery world with one of the most elaborate desserts worldwide: a small chocolate sponge cake with liquid inside that “flows” (that’s what Coulant means) outwards when cut.


Have you made your choice yet? We will be waiting for you at Fresco to enjoy International Chocolate Day!