Autumn is here

Autumn is here and has come to stay. After the blooming of flowers in spring and the blast of heat in summer, autumn feels like a bit of a sad season that brings us rain and takes away the nice weather. However, this time of the year gives us the opportunity of doing amusing things that we feel like doing when temperatures start falling.

We suggest some amusing activities for this new season:

Taking a walk: After a long day at work sitting in front of the computer, taking a walk in the park or on the beach will make us enjoy the landscape: leaves falling, the typical colours and smells of this time of year. There’s no doubt that enjoying nature and its beautiful sunsets will help us break away at the end of our day.

Family fun: Make the most of these cooler evenings to play games, watch films or do any other activity together. Not only with the family but also with your friends. And if you order pizza from Fresco so much the better!

Exercising: Rollerblading, biking or running are some ideas to exercise the body.

Participating in social activities: At this time of the year cultural and recreational activities become a tradition. Enjoy concerts, plays or a picnic. A great plan could be coming to Fresco to have that dish you love so much and that, thanks to the nice weather we enjoy in the area, you can still have on the terrace.

Everything suits us fine to welcome this season that we like so much!