The secret is in the sauce

That the sauce is a key element in all pasta dishes is a well-known secret. Of course, how successful our dish is will depend largely on the preparation of the sauce. One of the problems of eating pasta is that, if we don’t innovate in the use of ingredients and try different sauces, it can become fairly repetitive.


For this reason, we offer you the sauces that are a must in your delicious pasta dish:


  • Four cheese sauce. Cheese lovers have found in it the ideal sauce for pasta. Mozzarella, Gorgonzola, Emmental and Parmesan cheese make your dish smooth and creamy.
  • Tomato sauce. Although it’s quite basic, it’s one of the most liked ones. In addition, it’s really healthy with antioxidants and anticancer properties. Try enhancing its flavour with spices and other ingredients.
  • Bolognese sauce. Original from the Italian city of Bologna, this sauce is one of the most popular ones. And that’s not surprising, since the combination of tender meat, chopped vegetables and tomato makes this dish absolutely delicious.
  • Carbonara sauce. This creamy sauce is another must in your pasta dish. Cheese, cream and bacon form the best “culinary trilogy” you may try.


In addition, at Fresco we wanted to go beyond traditional sauces, offering our customers new flavours that will leave you open-mouthed: chicken and cream sauce and salmon with smoked foods. Both if you’re one of those who would never give up on your pasta Bolognese or one of those daring to try more exceptional flavours, at Fresco we adapt to your preferences. Come visit us, what are you waiting for?