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The secret is in the sauce

That the sauce is a key element in all pasta dishes is a well-known secret. Of course, how successful our dish is will depend largely on the preparation of the sauce. One of the problems of eating pasta is that, if we don’t innovate in the use of ingredients and try different sauces, it can […]

False myths about takeaway food

Lack of time has become our worst nightmare. Takeaway food has managed to become a great ally for those who don’t really enjoy cooking or even for those who do enjoy cooking but haven’t got the time to actually cook. Whether you belong to the first or the second group, you should know the false […]

Black Weekend at Fresco

November is here and with it comes longed-for Black Friday, which triggers off the Christmas season. And, as you already know, at Fresco we seize this sort of celebrations for our customers to enjoy our delicious food. That’s why Fresco has joined in to offer promotions that can’t be missed. On 23, 24 and 25 […]

Autumn is here

Autumn is here and has come to stay. After the blooming of flowers in spring and the blast of heat in summer, autumn feels like a bit of a sad season that brings us rain and takes away the nice weather. However, this time of the year gives us the opportunity of doing amusing things […]

International Chocolate Day. Don’t miss out on a good dessert!

13 September is celebrated as International Chocolate Day. Nutritive and intense, this “food of the gods” -so known by the Aztecs- is a brain booster. It helps produce essential endorphins for pleasure perception. How could such a special foodstuff not have its own day?   The origin of International Chocolate Day dates back to 1995, […]

Travel around the world through 7 pizzas

 Would you like to be able to teleport to any place in the world through its flavours? At Fresco we have an extensive pizzas menu that brings together the perfect ingredients to your palate, a gastronomic route from one side to other on the planet. Close your eyes and let yourself be enveloped by the […]

Bacon & cheese fries

It’s Friday and you meet friends for dinner, What better place could there be to do this than on a small terrace, enjoying an amazing summer evening in the finest company? Looking at our Menu you will see that the best option is to ask for starter to share while you await your main dish… […]

Spicy for keeping cool

Summer always comes strongly to our geographical area, and stays with us longer than normal; having to follow a set of guidelines to combat the high temperatures. During this time is always reminded that we must drink plenty of water, avoid heavy meals and eat more fruit and vegetables. But, what about the spicy? For […]

Mediterranean flavors

Healthy food that provides us the  Mediterranean ingredients is perfectly compatible with the pleasure of tasty dishes. When we speak about Mediterranean flavors that we refer to these foods based on an idealization of some dietary patterns of the Mediterranean countries, especially from countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea: Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Greece and Malta. […]

Russia 2018 promotions, whatever your team you´ll win at Fresco

The World Cup 2018 is being played and the best National Teams aspire to hoist the most important trophy at the international level. The world cup is not just football, are Emotions and feelings, are ups and downs, but you will always win with Fresco, great promotions and discounts that will make you live the […]