The secret is in the sauce

That the sauce is a key element in all pasta dishes is a well-known secret. Of course, how successful our dish is will depend largely on the preparation of the sauce. One of the problems of eating pasta is that, if we don’t innovate in the use of ingredients and try different sauces, it can become fairly repetitive.


For this reason, we offer you the sauces that are a must in your delicious pasta dish:


  • Four cheese sauce. Cheese lovers have found in it the ideal sauce for pasta. Mozzarella, Gorgonzola, Emmental and Parmesan cheese make your dish smooth and creamy.
  • Tomato sauce. Although it’s quite basic, it’s one of the most liked ones. In addition, it’s really healthy with antioxidants and anticancer properties. Try enhancing its flavour with spices and other ingredients.
  • Bolognese sauce. Original from the Italian city of Bologna, this sauce is one of the most popular ones. And that’s not surprising, since the combination of tender meat, chopped vegetables and tomato makes this dish absolutely delicious.
  • Carbonara sauce. This creamy sauce is another must in your pasta dish. Cheese, cream and bacon form the best “culinary trilogy” you may try.


In addition, at Fresco we wanted to go beyond traditional sauces, offering our customers new flavours that will leave you open-mouthed: chicken and cream sauce and salmon with smoked foods. Both if you’re one of those who would never give up on your pasta Bolognese or one of those daring to try more exceptional flavours, at Fresco we adapt to your preferences. Come visit us, what are you waiting for?

False myths about takeaway food

Lack of time has become our worst nightmare. Takeaway food has managed to become a great ally for those who don’t really enjoy cooking or even for those who do enjoy cooking but haven’t got the time to actually cook. Whether you belong to the first or the second group, you should know the false myths about ordering takeaway food:

–               Low quality. Having food delivered at home doesn’t mean that it’s not going to be high quality food; in fact, more and more restaurants are offering lovely presentation, high quality and a really prompt service.

–               Waste of time. Platforms offering restaurants enable you to order your food in a few minutes. Forget about the idea that cooking at home is quicker, and if you still don’t believe it, give it a try!

–               Junk food. You can currently find all sorts of light and healthy dishes that give you the opportunity to eat tasty and healthy at a really economical price. The range is increasingly wide. You’ll be able to eat whatever, wherever and whenever you want.

–               Product delivery conditions. Today, food is delivered in amazingly strict conditions. Your food will arrive home in perfect state, as if you were sitting at a restaurant, but without having to go out.   

At Fresco, we’re aware of how important it is to be with you at all times. That’s why we want to remind you that you can rely on our takeaway delivery service at La Zenia and Torrevieja. From 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm you’ll be able to enjoy our food from home at a very economical price that will depend on the delivery address. Can you think of a better plan than enjoying Fresco at home with your loved ones?

Black Weekend at Fresco


November is here and with it comes longed-for Black Friday, which triggers off the Christmas season. And, as you already know, at Fresco we seize this sort of celebrations for our customers to enjoy our delicious food. That’s why Fresco has joined in to offer promotions that can’t be missed. On 23, 24 and 25 November, we celebrate Black Weekend for takeaway orders delivered in the areas of Torrevieja and La Zenia.


This promotion will increase your appetite for our delicious pizza, since we offer you a “Buy 1, get 1 free” discount in pizza orders delivered in these areas. And how are we going to do it? Very simple, on promotion days, our delivery person will give out a discount voucher when delivering each order received. If the customer wishes to use it, he/she will just have to say the promotion code on the voucher when placing an order over the phone and hand it in to the delivery person when receiving the order.


Can you think of a better plan for the next few days than watching a film at home with some friends, rustling up dinner with your partner or enjoying delicious pizza with your family?  Please remember that you can use your discount voucher until 31 November. So, if you love our pizza as much as we do, take the opportunity offered on 23, 24 and 25 November and order your favourite ones. There are more than twenty different varieties waiting for you to enjoy their tempting flavour.


If you live in Torrevieja or La Zenia, you’re in luck! At Fresco, you can now eat high quality food for a ridiculous price. So, if you don’t do it, it’s because you don’t want to. Go for it!

Autumn is here

Autumn is here and has come to stay. After the blooming of flowers in spring and the blast of heat in summer, autumn feels like a bit of a sad season that brings us rain and takes away the nice weather. However, this time of the year gives us the opportunity of doing amusing things that we feel like doing when temperatures start falling.

We suggest some amusing activities for this new season:

Taking a walk: After a long day at work sitting in front of the computer, taking a walk in the park or on the beach will make us enjoy the landscape: leaves falling, the typical colours and smells of this time of year. There’s no doubt that enjoying nature and its beautiful sunsets will help us break away at the end of our day.

Family fun: Make the most of these cooler evenings to play games, watch films or do any other activity together. Not only with the family but also with your friends. And if you order pizza from Fresco so much the better!

Exercising: Rollerblading, biking or running are some ideas to exercise the body.

Participating in social activities: At this time of the year cultural and recreational activities become a tradition. Enjoy concerts, plays or a picnic. A great plan could be coming to Fresco to have that dish you love so much and that, thanks to the nice weather we enjoy in the area, you can still have on the terrace.

Everything suits us fine to welcome this season that we like so much!

International Chocolate Day. Don’t miss out on a good dessert!

13 September is celebrated as International Chocolate Day. Nutritive and intense, this “food of the gods” -so known by the Aztecs- is a brain booster. It helps produce essential endorphins for pleasure perception. How could such a special foodstuff not have its own day?


The origin of International Chocolate Day dates back to 1995, when the French decided to commemorate British writer Roald Dahl’s birth -author of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”-  back on 13 September 1916 in Wales.




How to celebrate International Chocolate Day?


To celebrate it we propose three chocolate delicacies that you can have at Fresco:


BROWNIE. A delicious chocolate sponge cake, a staple of American culinary tradition. It’s named after its dark brown colour. This “little piece of heaven” is usually served with ice cream. It’s said that the first reference to a brownie dates back to 1896, when an important American confectioner forgot to add yeast to a chocolate cake with nuts resulting in a delicious dessert…


CHOCOLATE MOUSSE. It’s kind of light foam with a very fluffy texture as a result of whipping cream or whisking egg whites until they form sort peaks, that’s the main ingredient. Along with chocolate, it creates the perfect combination of fluffiness and flavour.


COULANT. The original recipe of the Chocolate Coulant comes from one of the best chefs in France, Michel Bras. As all recipes created by accident, it has provided the confectionery world with one of the most elaborate desserts worldwide: a small chocolate sponge cake with liquid inside that “flows” (that’s what Coulant means) outwards when cut.


Have you made your choice yet? We will be waiting for you at Fresco to enjoy International Chocolate Day!

Travel around the world through 7 pizzas

 Would you like to be able to teleport to any place in the world through its flavours? At Fresco we have an extensive pizzas menu that brings together the perfect ingredients to your palate, a gastronomic route from one side to other on the planet.

Close your eyes and let yourself be enveloped by the smells of a delicious combination of minced meat flavored with onion and a tasty mixture of vinegar and pepper, sugar, ketchup and tomato sauce… Sound familiar? Indeed, the famous BARBECUE PIZZA.

Pork ribs with BBQ sauce is one of the typical dishes of the gastronomy of the United States. The delicious invention is attributed to a number of states such as Tennessee, Texas, Kansas, North Carolina and South Carolina.

What if we are going deep inside of us to enjoy one of the more exotic states? Hawaii is famous for its islands of landscapes with sea cliffs, waterfalls, rainforests and spectacular beaches. Also the great quantity and variety of exotic fruits of this country such as are pineapple and banana, with extensive plantations throughout the territory, make these ingredients the protagonists of our pizza SURFING IN HAWAII.

Now let’s cross the big pond to land in Parma, a university city situated in the Italian region of Emilia-Romagna known to many for its cheese and ham, main ingredients of our pizza PARMA MANIA. The prosciutto di Parma is a ham of excellent quality, with a sweet flavor and unique aromas very appreciated all over the world. One of the keys to its quality is in the rearing of the race pigs selected that are born and grow in specialized farms of the country, taking care of much its supply and subsequent healing with sea salt. Along with the intense flavor of parmesan cheese, make this italian pizza a real gem.

A little further up on the map if we sing the lyrics I Can’t Get No…all over the world will respond: Satisfaction! … Would you look familiar? One of the renowned musical themes leads us to United Kingdom , where were born THE ROLLING STONES , London Group that gives its name to one of our favorite pizzas. As well as this international group, with Mick Jagger to the head, this pizza follows energy, strength and, why not say it, a touch of “rebel”, with that mixture of minced meat, onion, red pepper and green chilies.

Now we go down to the south, to a country with Mediterranean climate, whose kitchen is bathed by a rich culture and gastronomical variety. We are talking about Turkey . The turkish cuisine is well known today by the predominance of spices, its roast meat, the use of vegetables and dairy products as most common ingredients. That is why the pizza KE and BAB summarize perfectly this combination of ingredients with the meat of kebab, feta cheese and fresh tomato as typical elements of its gastronomy.

Following our route we find a country rich in culture, a mixture of colors and flavors attempts…Welcome to India. Our pizza BOLLYWOOD, term that comes from a word play between Bombay and Hollywood, is inspired by this film industry so characteristic of this country, being a fundamental piece of popular culture of India. Music scenes with songs and dances in the country, mixed with curious choreographies of the western pop are the essence of this seventh art. Being something so diverse is what makes it so special to this culture and that is reflected in this pizza with its rich mixture of green and red peppers, onions, curry, crowning a delicious chicken tikka masala very spicy, tasting powerful.


And now a last stop, here in our land. Think of a terrace in front of the sea, good food and beach in the same destination…WELCOME TO ORIHUELA COSTA PIZZA.  An amazing mix of tomato, oregano, ham with mushrooms, but with that touch so Spanish …the sobrasada!

Where would you like to travel today?

Bacon & cheese fries

It’s Friday and you meet friends for dinner, What better place could there be to do this than on a small terrace, enjoying an amazing summer evening in the finest company? Looking at our Menu you will see that the best option is to ask for starter to share while you await your main dish… Ready a Bacon & Cheese Fries!

Have you ever raised how an ingredient as simple as the potato may have become a so popular  dish around the world? A tasty potato combines great with almost everything. Normally consider it to be fast foods snacking but there are many traditional dishes with it as a main course.

But the reality is that get “a well-cooked fries” is not so simple. There are a million ways to fry the potatoes and, At Fresco, take great care of this process to get it: golden, crispy on the outside but tender in the inside.

Even better, Combined it with a delicious melted cheese sauce and crispy, make this a “dish” with its own name.

Today it would be very difficult to think not to include potatoes in our diet, but if you take a look at the history, before the discovery of America it was completely unknown to Europeans, while in many indigenous village had spent years having them as a staple food. It is very odd to think that at the beginning this food was intended just as the diet of people with fewer resources, being economic and, at the same time, nutritious and with many possibilities on culinary level, being used both in the simple recipes and menus of haute cuisine.

At Fresco, not only we offer you to enjoy of this delicious combination of ingredients, but to do it in the company of yours, wasting a great evening at the same time you share some good Bacon & Cheese Fries.  Do you fancy?

Spicy for keeping cool

Summer always comes strongly to our geographical area, and stays with us longer than normal; having to follow a set of guidelines to combat the high temperatures. During this time is always reminded that we must drink plenty of water, avoid heavy meals and eat more fruit and vegetables. But, what about the spicy?

For the European culture it is inconceivable to eat spicy in warm weather. It is mistakenly think that spicy food will increase the feeling of  being overwhelmed, raising body temperature, and nothing could be further from reality; after the initial high temperature the body acts in such a way we get a pleasant sensation of freshness. why this relationship?

There are many myths about spicy food: that it causes hemorrhoids, heartburn or that could cause contractions in pregnant women. On the other hand, various scientific studies show that some chemicals in foods such as chili, curry or pepper can have positive effects on the health, fighting at the same time against the summer heat.

The reason can be found in the capsaicin, the main chemical found in this type of food. Capsaicin is responsible for activating pain receptors in the mouth and throat before that sensation of heat, sending a signal to the brain to accelerate the pulse, releasing endorphins and increasing the sweating.

The sweat thus becomes a defense mechanism to refrigerate us when we need it most, this absorbs the heat of our skin and evaporates, feeling cooler: Curiosities of life!!!

At Fresco you can find the best spicy dishes for this summer, and may combine them with an amazing beer or sangria, the best feeling to fight the heat, with Fresco seal.

Mediterranean flavors

Healthy food that provides us the  Mediterranean ingredients is perfectly compatible with the pleasure of tasty dishes. When we speak about Mediterranean flavors that we refer to these foods based on an idealization of some dietary patterns of the Mediterranean countries, especially from countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea: Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Greece and Malta.

The Mediterranean flavors also include the typical recipes of these places, prepared with seasonal products, as well as the traditional ways of cooking and other cultural factors such as the habit of shared meals with family or friends, traditions and celebrations.

Among the recommended consumables are vegetables and legumes, fruits, fish, white meats, pasta, rice and dried fruits, in addition to the consumption of wine in moderation.

Among the many beneficial properties for the health of this dietary pattern we may highlight the type of fat that characterizes it, the proportions in the main nutrients that keep its recipes and wealth in micronutrients that contains, as a result of the use of seasonal vegetables, aromatic herbs and spices.

In 2013 the Mediterranean cuisine was named the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

In the Mediterranean countries Mediterranean Diet Pyramid has been updated to adapt it to the current lifestyle. It is recommended the different proportions of food groups, the composition of the main meals and in addition, there will also be a way to select, cook and eat such food.

At Fresco you can taste the best dishes of our place, prepared with seasonal mediterranean ingredients, with Fresco seal.

Russia 2018 promotions, whatever your team you´ll win at Fresco

The World Cup 2018 is being played and the best National Teams aspire to hoist the most important trophy at the international level. The world cup is not just football, are Emotions and feelings, are ups and downs, but you will always win with Fresco, great promotions and discounts that will make you live the world cup to another level.


Let’s review how are the main teams to this final phase: Germany wants to revalidate the triumph of 2014 with a team that has introduced new and young talented players, a great complement for Ozil, Muller, Mario Gomez, etc; They lost his first match and they will have to reinvent theirself  to move to the next round.  For its part, the Brazil of Neymar is another of the great favorites, with internationally recognized players in all positions, and with the weight of their 5 stars on the shield.

On the other hand, France aspires to all, with a team full of great figures, such as the already consecrated Kilyan Mbappe, despite disputes his first World Cup; the desired Antoine Griezmann, the madridista Varane or one of the best continental defensive midfielders, Ngolo Kante.  Portugal , with Cristiano Ronaldo leading, wants to prove that it was not by chance the achievement of the EURO 2016. The Argentina of Messi, which at this point has very complicated qualifying for the second round, after getting a single point in its first two games, will pray for a miracle depending on others. Without a doubt, its elimination would be a debacle for one of the major contenders for the title.


promos-fresco-mundial-1 (3)

England, count on wonderful  players like Kane, Stones, Vardy or Sterling,  is always the great unknown, so we do not know if this will be the world cup in which they will show the best version, not on the basis among the favorites. And finally, among the outstanding team of Russia 2018, Spain, a very defined style, which has not lost the essence from that achieved the championship in 2010, perhaps – with Brazil and France – one of the aspirants to reach the golden trophy on July 30.

Nor can we forget, with a great start of the tournament, National Teams  as the talented Belgium and Switzerland , which got a well-deserved draw in the first match against Brazil.

Exciting, isn’t it? Thus Fresco offers us an extra shot of adrenaline, TV broadcast of all matches. Even you can get great discounts, as well as take advantage of great promotions.